Jinhua Kaisheng Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.
About us

Jinhua Kaisheng Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Jinhua KaishengMachinery Co. Ltd. Specializes in the reserach, development and manufacture of gears for auto transmissions, engineering machinery, electric cars gears, oil pumps and water pumps, as well ad spare parts for transmissions and retarders. The company is located in Jinhua City of central Zhejiang Province, which is merely five minutes away by car from Jinhua East Exit, an expressway hub.

The company has about 100 pieces of equipment for manufacturing and testing-such spare parts as gears and shafts. It also processes equipment for high-precision testing and production of universal gear testing equipment, gear grinders, CNC gear hobbers and CNC gear sharpers.

To enforce its branding strategy, Kaisheng has been committed to good faith, high standards and high quality, and has been intensifying internal management. It has introduced and implemented ISO TS16949 standards, and has carried out 6s on-site management effectively. With ‘good faith, pragmatism, cooperation and innovation’ as its motto, the company endeavors to satisfy the needs of our customers and deliver reliable products and services.

Kaisheng looks forward to cooperation and business with customers both at home and abroad, whom we wish to impress by our quality and service.

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